Incredible Strength meets Incredible Beauty

This striking natural stone emerges after millions of years and the silent work of nature. Present on its surface are the beautiful veins generated by the pressure and heat of the Earth. Quartzite is a stunning stone which will make a real statement in the home.

Nature is unrepeatable, so each cut slab is unique, creating a product which is exclusive and a one- off.

Quartzite is formed in a variety of shades and unique patterns, many with amazing crisscrossed seams of contrasting colours.  But beauty is only one of the benefits of this amazing material, it has unbeatable properties. 

It is unbelievably durable, harder than granite. With its incredible strength, comes an amazing heat, scratch and stain resistance and its high polish is easy to maintain. Cool and hygienic like granite, it is the ideal surface for kitchen worktops, tables or bathrooms.

Quartzite is a magnificent stone, which will capture the spotlight and add value to any home.

*Quartzite is not to be confused with Quartz Engineered stone which is a man-made product.