Large and Extra large Tiles

For a modern luxe, avant-garde look, large format tiles are the way to go!

Amazing new ranges of luxury Spanish and Italian tiles and panels in our new showroom!

With less joints, both large and smaller areas will appear more spacious. Larger wall or floor tiles give a clean, uniform, luxurious finish. Extra-large panels present an almost seamless façade.

Create an up to the minute space with our currently trending stone, marble, wood and concrete designs. The 4D collection is sensational and amazing to the touch.

From 2600 x 1200 to 600 x 600.


From modern minimalist to classical oppulence; create astonishing vertical statement pieces that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Allowing for freedom of expression and an unmatched aesthetic, extra large panels are ideal for both your indoor and outdoor walls.

Versailles Oak


Design visually expansive rooms with our durable and unique extra large floor tile ranges.

With fewer visible interruptions, easily add character and luxury to any space.Bigger is definitely better when it comes to floor tiles.



Bathrooms, as you have never known them.

Porcelain panels provide the illusion of space and are the perfect choice for wet rooms and shower walls.Less grouting also keeps your bathroom looking fresh and is easier to clean.

Dekton Laurent


For a stand-alone centre piece or for one-of-a-kind furniture that matches the walls/floor, look no further than our porcelain panels.

Cut to specifications, you can either overlay the tile on existing furniture or create unique pieces of your own.

A taste of our Bookmatch ranges.

More Inspiration...


Whether you are designing a new business space or wish to give your shopfront some TLC; porcelain panels and their numerous benefits are the way to go.

  • Resistant to both water and stains, extra large floor tiles maintain their practical and aesthetic qualities for many years, even in high use areas.
  • Easy clean and no maintenance come as standard with large porcelain tiles. The reduced amount of grouting meaning lower costs and less time spent cleaning.
  • Everything from offices to retail and swimming pools can all be upgraded, with a wide range of styles from which to choose from. XL format tiles that can quite easily be incorporated into your commercial space and truly make your business setting stand out. 
Marmara 4D