Moduleo® Flooring

Moduleo® isn’t just vinyl flooring, it’s luxury vinyl flooring.

A beautiful, practical and durable flooring solution.

It excels in terms of design,comfort and performance.

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Benefits of Moduleo®


All collections are inspired by nature and a unique “embossing process” brings the smallest details of each wood design to life.

Variety of Pattern

Wood is never identical. There is always a natural diversity in the detail. A Moduleo floor is just as unique, offering dozens of variations in patterning.

Soft and Warm

A vinyl floor feels pleasantly warm. Insulating properties means that the temperature remains comfortable in every season.


A luxury vinyl floor offers acoustic comfort. It is resilient and reduces walking and transit noise to an absolute minimum

Easy to Maintain

Resistant to dirt and dust. Easy stain removal.

Water Resistant

Vinyl repels water. The floor is water and slip resistant, making it ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways.

Protective Top Layer

Prevents wear, scratches and stains, and protects the design.

No lasting marks

Moduleo is so resilient, that the floor returns to its original state once the pressure of heels or furniture legs is removed

Underfloor heating.

All collections are suitable for underfloor heating



Select Classic Oak

Numerous wood and stone designs, available in tiles and planks. For a warm and timeless interior.


Transform Desert Stone

Bold wood and stone designs, in tiles, planks and XL sizes. A sleek design, playful accent, rustic atmosphere or luxurious setting, Transform surprises with a versatile collection.


Impress Santa Cruz Oak

Floors from the Impress collection are enriched with an ’embossing’ technology or relief print. This clearly contributes to the true-to-life look-and-feel of all planks and tiles


Moduleo Moods
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The popular herringbone pattern. For those looking for a refined parquet look or the grandeur of yesteryear with all the advantages of luxury vinyl.


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3D Mesh
Desert Crayola 46562
Blackjack Oak 22229
Country Oak 54991

Design floors with particularly surprising shapes, patterns and colours. For those who are really adventurous.

Commercial and Retail

The choice, diversity and properties of the Moduleo collections make them ideal for commercial and retail applications.

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Country Oak 54880
Country Oak 54991
Noot Schijndel
Moduleo Moods
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Interior landscaping
Transform Verdon Oak 24280
Transform Jura Stone 46960
Transform Jura Stone 46935
Transform Jura Stone 46110

And now Introducing - LayRed!

LayRed – the ideal floor for renovation

LayRed is Moduleo’s strongest engineered vinyl floor and designed to stand its ground in the most extreme conditions. The multi-layered floor – with integrated underlay – offers all the advantages of vinyl and adds strength to it.

You can easily lay the 6 mm thick floor over an existing, often uneven floor, without having to break out or level it. Thanks to its strong core and integrated red underlay, LayRed is able to bridge openings and unevenness in existing floors. That makes LayRed the ideal floor solution for any renovation project!