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The Neolith Timber Collection

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Neolith Timber - Stone Worktops

Not wood but sintered stone.

Inspired by the trunk of Lebanese cedar, La Bohème stands out with its robust knots and marked lines that offers movement and depth. With Neolith’s proprietary technology, a faithful interpretation of this wood for both the eye and touch is achieved. Available in a Satin finish, in multiple thicknesses and large size formats, La Bohème is a sustainable alternative to natural wood.

Sintering Technology: compacting, resistance and durability

It consists of subjecting the 100% natural raw materials to very high pressures and temperatures. The combination of raw materials goes through a press in a first phase where force/pressure of up to 400 bars is applied. In a second phase, the boards are baked in an oven at a temperature of more than 1,200ºC. This way, the Sintering Technology used by TheSize gives Neolith physical and mechanical features which are unprecedented in the construction industry.

You can view the Neolith La Bohème sample in the Rocca Glasgow Hillington showroom.

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