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Neolith | Sintered Stone

Sunday, September 02, 2018

Born in the last decade, Neolith - a Sintered Stone

This is a revolutionary product category pioneered by TheSize to effectively respond to the most demanding architectural and interior design needs. Neolith does not belong to what is traditionally known as “ceramic” or “porcelain”: it is rather an extreme evolution of these ones to the extent of creating a new kind of surface previously inexistent. Neolith is the pioneer and continous innovator of the Sintered Stones.

What is a Sintered Stone?

It is a 100% natural material based on 3 groups of natural elements:

1. Granite Minerals: Quartz and Feldspar which grants hardness and strength to the product.

2. Glass Minerals and Silica which grants chemical stability.

3. Natural oxides which grants chromatic properties.

Production Process Sintering and Technology

The Sintering Technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith, replicates in matter of hours the process by which natural stones are created throughout thousand of years. It exposes the raw materials described above to extremely high pressure and temperature. During a first phase, the raw materials go through the pressing machinery where a pressure of 400 bars is applied. In a second phase, the slab goes through a kiln with temperatures reaching more than 1200oC (2200oF). This process of ultracompactation gives birth to a full-body surface with unique technical feature.

Neolith Sintered Stone is available to view at Rocca Worktops Glasgow showroom.

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