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Choosing Your New Granite Worktops

Thursday, July 25, 2019

Choosing Your New Granite Worktops

Here at Rocca in Glasgow our fabricators cut, grind and polish your new granite worktops from raw granite slabs. Every slab of granite is unique with its own vein pattern and colour shade. Here is a few things to consider when choosing your choice of worktop:

Granite Colours

Granites can be white, black, grey, gold, brown, pink, various shades of all these and a mixture of all. The colour of the granite worktop you choose will play a role in the finish you opt for. Some like the look of a deep, glossy black worktop, while some like the look of a light, matte white worktop.

Worktop Finish

The most popular granite worktop finish is glossy (polished) followed by satin (honed). And they’re most popular for a reason – they hide wear and tear exceptionally well. We find that most of our customers only know what finished they want after they’ve inspected their own slab. We can send you photographs of your slab or you can come see it in person.

Worktop Textures & Edges

There is a few different options available to choose for the textures. These include, suede, polished and volcano. For your worktop edges we have a variety to choose from including straight, bevel & bullnose amongst others.

First Class Customer Service

You have done your worktop homework! You have paid serious money for a great product, backed by seriously good customer service, installation expertise from Rocca. Now relax and enjoy your kitchen – and don’t panic. What you have bought is seriously classy – and we are here on those rare occasions when there are any problems. Trust Rocca Worktops and enjoy your kitchen!

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