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Buying New Granite Worktops? Choose Rocca 🤞

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Buying New Granite Worktops? Choose Rocca 🤞

1. Choose a Firm You Know & Trust

Rocca Worktops design and manufacture all our own worktops in our factory in Hillington. We have our own sales, templating and fitting teams.

2. Think About What You Really Need
Am I obsessed with absolute stain resistance, If so, Dekton could be the thing. Do I like light coloured stones, with a genuine natural look, but I’m afraid of what I hear about staining? Sensa pre-sealed type of material may be the answer.

3. Think Real Life - Not Showroom Fads

Once again, get real-world advice from people you trust at Rocca!

4. Relax & Enjoy!

Now relax and enjoy your kitchen – and don’t panic. What you have bought is seriously classy – and we are here on those rare occasions when there are any problems. Trust Rocca Worktops and enjoy your kitchen!

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