Bathrooms & Staircases
Whether your project is a natural stone bathroom or staircase, Rocca can finish your dream in an amazing range of materials including granite, marble or quartz.
Bespoke Bathrooms from Rocca

Designer Bathrooms in Natural Stone

Rocca can finish your dream bathroom in an amazing range of natural stone materials – granite, marble or quartz, hand-crafted by our specialist craftsmen to create a sense of glamour that will leave you amazed at the result.

A bespoke bathroom in your home, finished in natural stone – surely the ultimate “wow” factor?

a’s design consultants will meet with you and liaise with your bathroom installer and provide you with the best advice as to the design and best natural materials for the perfect natural stone bathroom.

Whether your project is a natural stone bathroom or staircase, we never forget that we are working within your home and our fitting teams take the utmost care to ensure that the installation process runs smoothly, tidily and efficiently and with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Bathroom Walls

Bathroom Walls & Floors Natural stone can be supplied in a large customised format, offering you the possibility of maintaining the harmony and visual stability of your bathroom walls. The use of the Jumbo format slabs on your bathroom walls allows you to adapt its design to all your needs in terms of continuity and customisation.

Quartz is a practical material for use on walls in bathrooms, as it requires little maintenance and enhances the style, giving you the option of choosing from its large range of colours.

Bathroom Floors

The high durability and resistance of natural stone reduces wear due to use on bathroom floors. Its low porosity and scant maintenance requirements make it the ideal product for rooms in which water and other personal hygiene products are used.

Environments with conditions such as damp or changes in temperature require floors that not only have an attractive design, but offer an impeccable performance in the presence of these agents. For this reason, Quartz is the best bet.

Natural Stone Staircases

The staircase in your home is often the focal point and as such, is a reflection of your personal taste and style. Rocca will fully exploit the potential of your existing staircase and transform it before your eyes into an exceptional and exquisite, handcrafted feature.

In a matter of days, Rocca can remove the superficial, non-structural elements of your present staircase and replace them entirely in timeless marble, granite or quartz. You’ll be amazed at the outcome – reflecting perfectly your personal taste and style. Whether traditional or contemporary, Rocca has a wide choice of fully-finished, natural stone staircases in colours and styles that will add a stunning piece of individual craftsmanship to your home.

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