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Rocca was founded over a decade ago by Angelo Hernandez, the latest-generation stone craftsman to come from a long family line of traditional stone-working specialists.
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Rocca - Forever Stone

Rocca was founded over a decade ago by Angelo Hernandez, the latest-generation stone craftsman to come from a long family line of traditional stone-working specialists. From a proud heritage developed in his native Spain, Angelo understood better than most the challenges presented from working with natural materials formed in pre-history like granite, marble and quartz; the ever-present danger of hidden flaws deep within the stone that leaves the product prone to failure after installation, the irregular composition of the stone slab that renders it unsuitable for domestic use, not to mention the sheer logistical difficulty in handling and working with a particularly hard and heavy material such as granite, marble and quartz.

Angelo was appalled at the lack of skills and specialist knowledge that were available within the Scottish natural stone marketplace and noted the poor judgement on raw-material sourcing, countless middle-men resulting in low value-for-money, clumsy production skills and inept installation.

Angelo reckoned that he could do better – much better, and Rocca was born.

Together with a handful of passionate like-minded specialists and a committed customer-services’ back-up team, Angelo re-established his long-standing working partnerships with the major production quarries in Spain, Italy, India, China and Brazil, and using his vastly experienced judgement and eye for detail, he set about personally selecting only the finest granite, marble and quartz raw materials for import.

Now in 2017, Rocc
a has grown out of all proportion to its humble origins. In the large work-area factory in Glasgow, Angelo personally directs production and ensures that only when the finished product is perfect and manufactured to his own exacting standards, will he authorise the engraving of the famous Rocca maker’s mark which signifies perfection in stone.

As we approach the mid-way point of the second decade in the 21st Century, Rocc
a continues to thrive on its enviable and fiercely-protected reputation as the premier provider of exceptional quality granite, marble and quartz products. With a sales’ and distribution network that easily services the whole of Scotland, in particular the major conurbations of Edinburgh, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen and Dumfries in addition of course to their west of Scotland heartland, Rocca delivers exceptional quality and tremendous value for money right across the country.

Levantina Quartzia®

Our Way of Working

Many homeowners choose to have natural stone worktops installed when they have ordered a brand new kitchen while others simply decide to have their existing kitchen worktops replaced. Whatever the reason for choosing natural stone worktops, Rocca makes the whole process incredibly easy.

When you are having a brand new kitchen installed - Rocc
a works in partnership with all major kitchen supply and installation companies across the country. Here’s how we work:-

•  Choose your new kitchen.
•  Choose your preferred natural stone material, colour and style, from Rocc
•  We will liaise with your kitchen supplier and in a matter of days, manufacture beautiful, bespoke natural stone worktops for your new kitchen.
•  Once your new kitchen has been installed, (minus standard worktops), skilled Rocc
a craftsmen will follow-up and install your newly-manufactured, bespoke natural stone worktops.

You have the peace of mind of knowing that Rocca will take care of everything.

When you are having replacement worktops installed in your existing kitchen:-

•  Choose your preferred natural stone material, colour and style, from Rocca.
•  Our skilled craftsmen will survey your existing kitchen.
•  Within a matter of days of our survey, Rocc
a will manufacture gorgeous bespoke natural stone replacement worktops.
•  Our skilled craftsmen will then install your new, stone worktops.

Nothing could be simpler – and you have the peace of mind of knowing that Rocc
a will take care of everything and see the job through to the end, ensuring your complete delight and total satisfaction.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials At Rocca Worktops, we think differently from our competitors and we act differently too – from start to finish.

Our real strength is about providing an exceptional customer experience, on time and every time, making sure that your experience of buying from Rocc
a is truly exceptional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Throughout our website and in person in our showroom, we always endeavour to be as clear and informative as possible.

To help answer any unanswered questions you may have, we have created a short frequently-asked-questions page to perhaps address those issues not covered elsewhere.

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Our Values and Pledge

Everyone at Rocca subscribes to our founding family values of honesty, integrity and professionalism – to ensure that we never, ever, let a customer down. We also take our responsibility to our staff, our suppliers and to the environment as seriously as we act towards our customers. Everyone at Rocca, from the youngest junior apprentice to the managing director, is treated equally and with respect, and everyone works in safe, fear-free conditions.

In the interests of protecting the environment, raw materials are acquired only from responsible suppliers operating quarries that provide sustainable sources. Production methods use non-chemical, water-based techniques that are non-polluting. Waste is recycled wherever practicable. At Rocc
a, we recognise that sound, uncompromising values are not just good for our staff, our suppliers and our environment, they are also good for business too!

Providing excellent value for money.

At Rocc
a Worktops, we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value for money in the quality of the natural stone product that we create and subsequently install. In fact, from the excellence of the sourced raw material to the enviable innovative quality of our production methods, we believe, quite simply, that no one can beat Rocca for sheer quality and tremendous value for money. You just won’t find a better deal on marble, granite and quartz anywhere. And our enviable “maker’s mark” guarantees it.

Our work, though, is not finished until our product is installed in your home to your absolute delight and total satisfaction. We take full responsibility not only for the outstanding quality of the manufactured product, but also for the installation; we will always see the job through to a most satisfactory completion. We aim to provide you with an exceptional customer experience at Rocc
a, and our Customer Services team is committed to delivering it. Every time!

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