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Welcome to Rocca

Angelo Hernandez

Scotland’s acknowledged leader in granite, marble and quartz manufacture.

Rocca was founded over a decade ago by Angelo Hernandez, the latest-generation stone craftsman to come from a long family line of traditional stone-working specialists. We have a hard-won, enviable reputation for excellence of which we are immensely proud and which has taken many, many years – and hundreds of delighted customers – to achieve.

So what’s so special about Rocc
a? Well, first and foremost, we understand that most customers aspire to a granite or marble component somewhere within their home lifestyle – kitchen worktops, bathrooms, stairways – whatever. Yet these same customers are unsure of what’s involved with a granite or marble installation and how exactly to match ambition with assured quality and value-for-money.

Next, our stone carpenters fashion the material in our own specialised workshops – (customer demand has encouraged us to invest in the biggest stone workshops in Scotland), using bespoke techniques and unique, specially-developed tooling.

Finally, when we are satisfied that we have created the finest piece of marble of granite component possible, we engrave our famous “Maker’s Mark” on the finished product – and install it seamlessly in your home. Only then, when you are completely delighted with the quality of our product, the exceptionally high standard of our customer experience, and the tremendous value-for-money that we provide, do we consider that our work is finally done.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonials At Rocca Worktops, we think and act differently from our competitors - from start to finish.

Our real strength is about providing an exceptional customer experience, making sure that your experience of buying from Rocc
a is truly exceptional.

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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Throughout our website and in person in our showroom, we always endeavour to be as clear and informative as possible.

To help answer any unanswered questions you may have, we have created a short frequently-asked-questions page to perhaps address those issues not covered elsewhere.

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